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Reversible [4Fe-3S] cluster morphing in an oxygen-tolerant [NiFe] hydrogenase

New article by seven UniCat groups in Nature Chemical Biology


PhD graduate from UniCat wins Umicore Scientific Award

Dr. Mehtap Özaslan, a former PhD student at UniCat has received the € 10,000 Umicore Scientific Award for her


Matthias Driess elected as a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Professor Dr. Matthias Driess, Chair of UniCat, has been elected as a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Scienc

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is a Cluster of Excellence within the framework of the Excellence Initiative researching the economically important field of catalysis.
About 240 chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers of 4 universities and 2 Max Planck research institutes are involved in Berlin and Potsdam.